Tethering Apps Removed from the Market?!

I was reading comments on application a saw that someone mentioned that tethering app were being removed from the market, turns out that it was true. If you have a tethering app on your phone hold it close and dont let it go. I have Tether Wifi and I havent used it in a while (because I am on a college campus and there is wireless everywhere plus no 3G here in Indiana, PA) but I am gonna keep it near and Dear. . .lol

It turns out that Google is starting to remove Apps from the market that carriers are not agreeing with, the first to go being tethering apps that allow you to use your phone’s internet connection (3G, EDGE, GPRS) through your computer’s wireless connection. The problem is that the Market is supposed to e Open but there are terms that the carriers have that Google has to abide by, so it is googles job to regulate the market to meet the terms.

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