3 Apps that I would Love to See

Three apps that I would love to see come to the Android platform are . . .


1. PNC Bank

PNC Bank has one of the best online money management systems that I have ever used, called Virtual Wallet. It gives you Three seperate accounts and has a great UI that lets you push your money back and forth between them. This Web App is more visual than other bank’s websites which allows you to see exactly what is happening with your money and where it is going and when. Also has Overdraft warnings on the calendar. This needs to be ported into an Android application. It would be nice if it is FREE but even if I have to pay for this app (as long as it is not an outragougs price like $9.99 I would definately buy this application. Sometimes mobile alerts and texting aren’t enough.

2. PayPal

I am surprised that PayPal doesn’t have an app yet. I don’t use PayPal all that much anymore but I am pretty sure that there are alot of people out there that could use this on their phones for various reasons.

3. Facebook

This isn’t really anything that everyone hasn’t Facebook needs an application for the Android platform because there aren’t any good ones out there on the Market now. There are a few status updaters, a couple Facebook chat apps, and FBook which is just a wrapper that just adds Notifications and Photo Uploads. I would use FBook if it gave me the option to use Mobile Facebook and not the Touch Facebook site. But I really would rather use solid app that stands on its own two feet, and who better to make it than the Facebook Team. (Why can’t they just port the iPhone App and make it fit android?)


6 Responses

  1. i googled ‘pnc android app’ to see if there was one for my g1, found this post. i second the desire for a pnc app. love my virtual wallet, would be awesome to see it on my phone!

  2. I hope the someone can make this happen… Hopefull the creators of virtual wallet are working on it now lol…

  3. hehe, yea, it will probably have to be pnc who does it. you should send them a message through the customer support link in virtual wallet and suggest it. i sent one, the more the better!

  4. There is a Paypal app for android. Check the market.

  5. we need pnc virtual wallet for android BAD. I should try to email them.

    • Hey… I’m back … I hear you … If you know who to email about that that would be awesome. I’d send an email too. Right now I am using android banking and that will have to do for now.

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