Apps you Regret Buying

I know I am not the only person that has done it, bought an App thought it might be great once the updates hit, Come to find out there either are no updates or the app is defective and you forgot to refund it.


Friend Mobilizer ($0.99)- I got this facebook status update app and didn’t see any status updates come in. Nice UI but it didn’t work I thought that I just had to wait for some to come in and I forgot about the app till the next evening and when I still saw no updates I wish I would have refunded it.

aHome Power ($0.99)- I bought this because I thought I was going to be using aHome until Open Home came out. Yes that means I bought aHome to (…and dxTop), but it is cool cause I will check up on them later and see what they have that is new to me.

Tether WiFi (8.95)- This was a BIG upset (not because of perfomance, it works great!) when just after I bought it a Free version came out by some one else (that hurt knowing I paid almost $10 for mine), but you prolly get what you pay for so I don’t feel to bad about it.  I still use it now.

So what Apps do you regret. . . Feed back in the box below . . . No sign up needed just comment. Thanks.


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