I started using WpToGo (WordPress Blog App) the same day that I started this blog and not until a few days ago when I started my 2nd Blog and tried to add it to WpToGo, I said that I already had a blog under my current user name. I thought that was strange. So I took it upon myself to email the Developer and ask him about this.

Me: I was wondering if there is a way to set up both my blogs on this app. They are both on the same account, I keep getting an error that says I have a blog set up on this account already.

Hi Justin,

I think that I configured it so that it wouldn’t add more than one
blog per domain.  I’ll remove that restriction in the next release so
that it will work for you.

Thank you Dan for getting back to me so promptly and I can’t wait for the new release so that I can load my other blog onto my G1. This is a great tool to use if you have a wordpress blog. You can always get your Ideas onto wordpress to remember for later when you are able to get to a computer. But WpToGo is still full featured; with picute uploads, text formating, link creator, and more.

If your Interested in checking out my other blog called “Yo, Look At Dat!”, Link in the Sidebar —->

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