Android Overclocking. . .? Placebo?

I downloaded the application by coolbho3k called SetCPU for Root User. The first time I opened this application I set it to the 5..MHz setting and what happened, my phone froze and restarted itself. Ok so in all fairness I tried it one more time. This time the phone didn’t freeze and it appeared to be running much faster than usual. I wasn’t getting any hanging home screen and applications seemed to be opening much faster. But then my phone went off due to low battery . . . when I turned it back on I fired it up and again my phone froze up so that was the end of that app… I uninstalled. has anyone else used this app before and how did it work for you? Or if you have it now has it been updated to function better?

2 Responses

  1. I am the creator of SetCPU. Upgrade to Cupcake/Android 1.5 and the overclocking will be bliss. No more freezing. Android 1.1 doesn’t handle high clocks well.

    • Really I’ll try it out . . . I might have to wait till i get a few dollars cause I think I refunded it b4.

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