A Lot Has Changed!

You and I both know that TONS has changed since I last wrote on this blog and the G1 was the ONLY Android powered device. There are so many devices now that I have lost count. Every major carrier has at least one Android device with more on the way. The only reason that I am saying this is because I just finished reading a few of my posts and it made me laugh because Android has come so far. I am waiting for the day that Android takes over for iPhone completely, I believe this will happen when Google releases the “Android App Inventor”, allowing those of us with out coding experience to get out application ideas to come to life. I have a few that I have thought about but have no coding experience and no money to pay anyone to code it for me.

The phone you see above is one of the best phones out for Android and I am sure you would agree. I purchased this phone a few days after its release. This is the Samsung Galaxy S, the T-Mobile version the branded the “Samsung Vibrant”. All major  carriers have their own flavor of the phone either out now or coming soon. Sprint: Samsung Epic 4G (Only one with 4G and a Physical keyboard, Coming Soon), Verizon: Samsung Fascinate (Coming Soon), AT&T: Samsung Captivate. These phones all have a 4″ screen  with an AMOLED (I call it mobile blu-ray… lol) display. The T-Mobile phone is the only version aside from the plain unbranded Galaxy S that has 16GB internal storage on top of having an SD Card slot. (TAKE THAT IPHONE…) The phone sports a 1GHz Hummingbird possessor that maybe slightly faster than the 1GHz Snapdragon prosessor. Android is growing at a faster rate than the iPhone and I think Apple is getting a little shaken up after seeing those debacles with the iPhone 4.

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