TECH Crunch talks to SCVNGR CEO about the “Foursquare Killer”

I really am enjoying the SCVNGR app (i have it on my Samsung Vibrant & my temporary iPhone 3G). It is a game that took the ideal of foursquare as others have but added a layer of “Challenges” this makes this location based game much more interesting.

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Easy Tether

Froyo is comming around soon so until then if you don’t want to root your phone to get Wireless Tether you can use Easy Tether which is a Wired USB Tether application.

Vibrant Messaging App

I just thought that you might like to know some thing that isnt noticable about the native Samsung messaging app.
There are times when someone texts me and i just want to call them back. When you open the messaging app by selecting it’s icon the conversations list is brought up. If you just want to call the number back swipe your selection from left to right and it will turn green and say “Call” and then begin to call the person back. If you swipe from right to left then that just does the same thing as clicking the selection except the selection turns orange and says “Message”.  If i find any other things that arn’t very noticeable I will be sure to post them. If you know of any post below and tell your secrets about the Samsung Vibrant.

Lock 2.0

I haven’t used this slide unlocker app in quite a while, I enjoyed it before but I took it off because the default skin was gettin kinda old. So I came back to it today and saw that they had many more skins made…  the one above caught my eye because I like the HTC touch pro home screen. There are many others on _______’s blog which you can find here on wordpress. .

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Android Overclocking. . .? Placebo?

I downloaded the application by coolbho3k called SetCPU for Root User. The first time I opened this application I set it to the 5..MHz setting and what happened, my phone froze and restarted itself. Ok so in all fairness I tried it one more time. This time the phone didn’t freeze and it appeared to be running much faster than usual. I wasn’t getting any hanging home screen and applications seemed to be opening much faster. But then my phone went off due to low battery . . . when I turned it back on I fired it up and again my phone froze up so that was the end of that app… I uninstalled. has anyone else used this app before and how did it work for you? Or if you have it now has it been updated to function better?


I started using WpToGo (WordPress Blog App) the same day that I started this blog and not until a few days ago when I started my 2nd Blog and tried to add it to WpToGo, I said that I already had a blog under my current user name. I thought that was strange. So I took it upon myself to email the Developer and ask him about this. Continue reading

Open Home 1.7.7 Update

Just a minor update but a very looked forward to update, the option to change the regular folder and Live folder icons. You’ll find this option by long pressing the title bar of the folder while it is open. No the live folders can blend in with the rest of your icons. Personally this is the ONLY reason that I wasn’t using the Live folders, now I can stick them on my main screen and use the Favorites Live folder as my default contacts list. Thank you Better Android fo this update.

<<No I haven’t gone to sleep yet. . .lol I’m a college student. If you saw the time in the corner lol.>>