Leaked Droid X Software get a C&D

Last week a early version of the Android 2.2 (Froyo) was leaked by My Droid World and received a C&D and demanded the OS be taken down. Some people ask why would this happen if Android is an open source platform, the answer is that the bare bones android is Open not the branded versions like MOTOBlur and HTC Sense. Once a company makes their own version of Android it becomes copyrighted. The Droid X is said to receive its update by the end of the summer, although I have heard that some Droid users have received the update so if you haven’t gotten your update then you should be receiving it soon. HEY!, SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER! 🙂


Adobe & Android Together in Q4 2010

The end of the year isn’t coming fast enough for me, when Froyo drops for all the supported phones iPhone better watch out because these Android phones are going to be packing some serious power. The fact that you will be able to play flash content in the browser is going to leave me on my phone not knowing what to do with myself I am on my phone constantly and now there is going to be TONS of existing content on the internet that I can access mobily. This means Flash webpages, videos and GAMES. Just give the Flash Object a double-tap and it fills the screen and acts as any other app would on the device. AddictingGames.com, Miniclip.com, and Newgrounds.com are going straight on my bookmarks when the update hits.

Galaxy S Gets Froyo In September

I can’t wait for Froyo to be released for my beloved Samsung Vibrant… With all the talk of the speed increase in Froyo and the fact that the Galaxy S phones are already amazing, I can’t wait to see how the new update performs. Above is the tweet that confirms the release of the update by Samsung UK Mobile. Right now the only phone with 2.2 is the google Nexus One, and next inline are the Droid X on Verizon and the EVO4G on Sprint.

A Lot Has Changed!

You and I both know that TONS has changed since I last wrote on this blog and the G1 was the ONLY Android powered device. There are so many devices now that I have lost count. Every major carrier has at least one Android device with more on the way. The only reason that I am saying this is because I just finished reading a few of my posts and it made me laugh because Android has come so far. I am waiting for the day that Android takes over for iPhone completely, Continue reading

Lock 2.0

I haven’t used this slide unlocker app in quite a while, I enjoyed it before but I took it off because the default skin was gettin kinda old. So I came back to it today and saw that they had many more skins made…  the one above caught my eye because I like the HTC touch pro home screen. There are many others on _______’s blog which you can find here on wordpress. http://lock2.wordpress.com/ .

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