TECH Crunch talks to SCVNGR CEO about the “Foursquare Killer”

I really am enjoying the SCVNGR app (i have it on my Samsung Vibrant & my temporary iPhone 3G). It is a game that took the ideal of foursquare as others have but added a layer of “Challenges” this makes this location based game much more interesting.

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Samsung Vibrant Video Quality

I took this on a Bright Sunny day of the Philliy Phanatic across the street from the Art Institute of Phila. Beautiful Picture. I uploaded the video after transfering it to my computer. It records as a 3gp file I am surprised because I have never seen a 3gp file look as good as this or The Avatar Movie that comes with the Phone.

Something I wanted to share. . .

If anyone would like to know where I got the skin and the screen protector. Click to check out the Video Continue reading