iPhone For Verizon: My Thoughts

It seems like iPhone is doomed to fail by waiting this long to go multi-carrier. In January the iPhone will be released on Verizon, but will anyone really be that excited except for current iPhone users. also by doing this I see MANY people seeing no point in getting an iPhone with AT&T anymore because I always hear how bad the signal coverage is.

Anyway, there are so many Android phones that are out now and coming out in the future that seem to out class the iPhone. I keep saying that the only thing that I see that iPhone still has on Android is that there App Store is more matured that the Android market. The iPhone App Store has MANY more apps more companies and people develop for iPhone because they were the dominating force in the cell phone market. Once these companies realize that there are just as many Android users as iPhone users and start to hire more people to Develop for Android we may see the markets start to even out. seeing many more of the same apps on Android as there are in the iPhone App Store.

After this happens I see new Verizon customers picking up an Android phone rather than an iPhone. But of course there are still the the Apple fans that will stay loyal to Apple and stick with the iPhone. I am now using an iPhone as a secondary device that I carry around to check out the App Store mess with some apps and explore the OS.

What do you think will happen when the iPhone is released on Verizon as far as Apple’s profits and AT&T’s losses?