Open Home 1.7.7 Update

Just a minor update but a very looked forward to update, the option to change the regular folder and Live folder icons. You’ll find this option by long pressing the title bar of the folder while it is open. No the live folders can blend in with the rest of your icons. Personally this is the ONLY reason that I wasn’t using the Live folders, now I can stick them on my main screen and use the Favorites Live folder as my default contacts list. Thank you Better Android fo this update.

<<No I haven’t gone to sleep yet. . .lol I’m a college student. If you saw the time in the corner lol.>>


They Fixed the “Better Cut” Shortcut Bug

There was this thing that I was going to address but Better Android beat me to it. I was going to send them and email and ask them why when I make web shortcuts somtimes they just stop working and I get a message that says “This application is not installed on your phone” o_O. But the latest 1.2.2 BetterCut update claims to have fixed this. We will see how it goes. I will update this post later after some time of use.

Open Home 1.7.6 Update

It seems like the Open Home Team is rolling out the add-ons by the lumpsum. In just a few short days there has bee a weather widget, music player, and the new call log live folders (download seperately). Today there have been two new additions. . . see below.

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