What do you want to see from Android 3.0 [UPDATED]

I have been thinking about haw far android has come. I read on Androidandme.com that Android is the LARGEST smartphone platform in the United States. I can honestly say that I believe Android is going to take over completely for iPhone sooner or later. Android rivals the iOS4 and android is only on their second version. With even more goodness and speed coming with the 2.2 update. Android is doing things that Apple hasn’t thought about yet that Apple is beggining to implement in their own OS such as multitasking. But I agree that if it were not for the iPhone android may not have been what it is today.

So my question to the masses is: What would you like to see by the time Android 3.0 is released?
– Changes to the Market?
– UI changes?
– New Features?

One change that I want to see in the Android Market is the implementation of favorites or bookmarks for applications with custom catagories.
There have been so many times that I have seen an app that I like and want to mark it down so I don’t forget about it. There are also times that I would like to remove apps that I am not using at the moment and bookmark then so I will be able to come back to them later.
Sare there are also other ways such as backing up with androZip or astro but you cannot do that if apps are “DRM” protected. So just simply having a star system like gmail or even go as far as to have custom categories that you can sort all your favorite apps would be a great addition.