Galaxy S Gets Froyo In September

I can’t wait for Froyo to be released for my beloved Samsung Vibrant… With all the talk of the speed increase in Froyo and the fact that the Galaxy S phones are already amazing, I can’t wait to see how the new update performs. Above is the tweet that confirms the release of the update by Samsung UK Mobile. Right now the only phone with 2.2 is the google Nexus One, and next inline are the Droid X on Verizon and the EVO4G on Sprint.


Samsung Vibrant Video Quality

I took this on a Bright Sunny day of the Philliy Phanatic across the street from the Art Institute of Phila. Beautiful Picture. I uploaded the video after transfering it to my computer. It records as a 3gp file I am surprised because I have never seen a 3gp file look as good as this or The Avatar Movie that comes with the Phone.

Vibrant Messaging App

I just thought that you might like to know some thing that isnt noticable about the native Samsung messaging app.
There are times when someone texts me and i just want to call them back. When you open the messaging app by selecting it’s icon the conversations list is brought up. If you just want to call the number back swipe your selection from left to right and it will turn green and say “Call” and then begin to call the person back. If you swipe from right to left then that just does the same thing as clicking the selection except the selection turns orange and says “Message”.  If i find any other things that arn’t very noticeable I will be sure to post them. If you know of any post below and tell your secrets about the Samsung Vibrant.

A Lot Has Changed!

You and I both know that TONS has changed since I last wrote on this blog and the G1 was the ONLY Android powered device. There are so many devices now that I have lost count. Every major carrier has at least one Android device with more on the way. The only reason that I am saying this is because I just finished reading a few of my posts and it made me laugh because Android has come so far. I am waiting for the day that Android takes over for iPhone completely, Continue reading

Samsung i7500 – Lookin Good!



This phone looks beautiful I feel that this fhone will be a little bit more promising than the HTC phones coming out I feel that samsung will be built  sturdier than the HTC phones… the only thing is, it doesn’t have a physical keyboard. Continue reading