Chrome OS Tablet?

So I have been hearing about this tablet recently that is supposed to release on Verizon at the end of this year on Black Friday. The tablet is going to run Chrome OS and is being manufactured by HTC. In the picture it looks almost identical to the iPad but that could change because it is of course, just a rendering. I guess we can assume it will have a capacitive touchscreen, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and since it is on Verizon, will be on EVDO Rev.A. Would be nice if it has a camera or two including a front facing camera for web chat. Now I would assume to compete with the iPad they would want to have ADOBE FLASH and some sort of native video chat software.

My question is why continue with chrome OS why not just use Android and integrate some of the features that they want to see on the  Chrome OS?


A Lot Has Changed!

You and I both know that TONS has changed since I last wrote on this blog and the G1 was the ONLY Android powered device. There are so many devices now that I have lost count. Every major carrier has at least one Android device with more on the way. The only reason that I am saying this is because I just finished reading a few of my posts and it made me laugh because Android has come so far. I am waiting for the day that Android takes over for iPhone completely, Continue reading


I started using WpToGo (WordPress Blog App) the same day that I started this blog and not until a few days ago when I started my 2nd Blog and tried to add it to WpToGo, I said that I already had a blog under my current user name. I thought that was strange. So I took it upon myself to email the Developer and ask him about this. Continue reading

Open Home 1.7.7 Update

Just a minor update but a very looked forward to update, the option to change the regular folder and Live folder icons. You’ll find this option by long pressing the title bar of the folder while it is open. No the live folders can blend in with the rest of your icons. Personally this is the ONLY reason that I wasn’t using the Live folders, now I can stick them on my main screen and use the Favorites Live folder as my default contacts list. Thank you Better Android fo this update.

<<No I haven’t gone to sleep yet. . .lol I’m a college student. If you saw the time in the corner lol.>>

They Fixed the “Better Cut” Shortcut Bug

There was this thing that I was going to address but Better Android beat me to it. I was going to send them and email and ask them why when I make web shortcuts somtimes they just stop working and I get a message that says “This application is not installed on your phone” o_O. But the latest 1.2.2 BetterCut update claims to have fixed this. We will see how it goes. I will update this post later after some time of use.

Open Home 1.7.6 Update

It seems like the Open Home Team is rolling out the add-ons by the lumpsum. In just a few short days there has bee a weather widget, music player, and the new call log live folders (download seperately). Today there have been two new additions. . . see below.

Continue reading

ASTRO 1.3.3 Update


This application is another must have for everyone. Every smartphone should have a file manager application and this is hands down the best at what it does on the market. Not only is this a file manager but also an app that can “* Browse  / Create / extract zip files”! that is great. Continue reading