What’s On My Phone!

I thought I would share thi list of apps with everyone that I have installed on my phone and any practical uses i may have for them. If you have any Apps that I don’t on this list then feel free to post and let me know what your favorite app is and what your practical use for it is or just why it is your favorite app and how much it costs on the market. (The list will be updated if I remove or add any apps). Feel free to ask me any questions. I will be glad to answer them.\

08/03/2010 – It’s been awile since I have been active on this blog but I am back and ready to post more Android News & App Reviews. I just recently got the Samsung Vibrant, T-Mobile’s flavor of the Galaxy S, and have much more room and power to play around with apps. The list below will be Re-built to reflect what is on my phone now. Some apps below from almost two years ago are still on my list of must have apps and get re-downloaded anytime I get a replacement.

04/15/2009 – I just got a replacement G1 two days ago so I will be updating this through-out today to reflect what I put back on and if anything got replaced by diffrent applications. I am leaving some apps off for the sake of saving space on my phone until I can get my SD Card partitioned so that I can install the apps there (Root required)  Click Here for Downgrading/Rooting Instructions from XDA-Developers

eBook:Actionscript 3.0 Cookbook – For my Programming Logic Class

eBook: Learning Actionscript 3.0 – Another for my programing logic class.

Adobe Reader – The only .PDF reader that matters.

Advanced Task cleaner 2.0 – Cleans my tasks, has autokill list, ignore list and has an uninstaller function.

Android Banking – To check my PNC accounts, works with a few other banks too.

AndroIRC – I have this but havent used it at all, I wanted to find some good IRC chats but never got around to it.

AndroZIP – this I a great .zip program, not only does it unzip files but u can make .zip archives right on your phone.

AppBrain App Market – an alternate Market app, links to the Android Market but a few more features. And ability to sync your app list to AppBrain.com

Barcode Scanner – A Must…

Game: Bebbled – Not a must for me but since I have tons of space I can have various games, just to have verity.

Beyond POD (I bought the Unlock Key too) – My one and only PODcast Catcher/RSS Reader, it does audio and video podcasts and has integrated search to finding any feeds.


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